Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nine years

Our growing family with the redwood we planted to mark our wedding

Nine years ago today, two high school sweethearts were married. Since we met as geeky 10th graders in Grade 11 math class, I give you our marriage by numbers:

Years of dating before Holly proposed = 8.25
Grandparents at our wedding = 8
Moves = 3 (Burnaby to Vancouver, Vancouver to Victoria, Victoria to Vancouver)
Mortgages = 1
Number of sandwiches willingly made by Holly = 0
Ferry trips to Vancouver Island = 84
Movies watched at The Hollywood Theatre = 75, one for every year they were in business
Children = 2
Anniversaries when Kristi has provided free babysitting = 5
Days I've been happy that I married my best friend = 3288*
*includes two leap years and today, not simply 365 x 9

Just waiting for Kristi to arrive so we can go out for dinner on this lovely Vancouver evening. 
Happy Anniversary, Deano!


  1. Congratulations and happy anniversary!

  2. Awww, you're very cute Holly. That was a great post. Happy day!

  3. Happy Anniversary Holly! My dinner is tomorrow ... any recommendations?

  4. Congratulations. Hope you have a wonderful celebration. Planting a tree is always a good thing to commemorate happenings.



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