Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Carving elaborate pumpkins is a tradition for us. We've been at it since university, so we've had over 15 years of fun. You can see many of our pumpkins from 2003 to the present in Dean's flickr set. Every year we choose a theme (a few recent ones have been "Where the Wild Things Are", Popeye, Asterix, and Star Wars). 

2011 has been the year of Shaun the Sheep around our house, so we thought it fitting to carve Shaun the Sheep characters for our 2011 pumpkin theme. Shaun and his gang get up to all sorts of hilarious adventures and they've brought lots of laughter to our lives this year! 

Here they are:

Shaun the Sheep, carved by Holly

Timmy, the baby of the flock, carved by Holly

Bitzer, the beleagured sheep dog, carved by Dean

One of the naughty pigs, carved by Dean

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Eleanor at seven months

I love this girl! This fall, Eleanor is becoming a little person right before our eyes and it's so much fun!

Ever since she turned six months old, she's been trying a variety of solid foods. Her preferred method of eating is through her cheeks.

She still fits in the baby bathtub and she doesn't mind when we do silly things with her hair.

She can be found hanging out in the Ergo most days (she's in the Ergo as I write this, bending over backward to try to see the screen).

She turned seven months old yesterday, so we did another photoshoot on her quilt.

She can sit up unassisted for several seconds, sometimes even for a minute or two. 

She now has two teeth (one on the bottom and one on the top!). 

And she's basically an adorably chubby sweetheart! Happy 7 months, Ellie!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Guild Meeting

It's the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild's October meeting tonight, hooray! I always look forward to these meetings and have a great time at them. Tonight will be my first meeting as guild president, wow! I thought I'd add a little seasonal decoration, so I made a VMQG mini pumpkin (It's proudly showing off on top of the sock monkey quilt the guild gave me last year). See you there!


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