Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild Mini Quilt Swap

Memories of QuiltCon 2.0

When my guild announced a mini quilt swap recently, I didn't think twice before joining in! I have a wall in my new sewing area that's begging for mini quilts and I loved the idea of decorating with a quilt made just for me by another Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild member. I made a quilt for Matt, a long time member of the guild, and his questionnaire gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted (just not in pink flowery fabric). I thought this was the perfect chance to try another "Memories of QuiltCon" style HST quilt with larger finished squares. Here are the two side by side:

My original Memories of QuiltCon quilt had HSTs that finished at 1" and the squares in the one I made for Matt finished at 1.5". 

Just like with my original, I had fun doing some dense matchstick quilting.

I love how the placement of some of the squares and HSTs led to a 3D effect in the centre of the quilt!

I was pressed for time, as I was finishing this at the last minute, so I tucked my label into the corner and sewed it in with the binding.

Here are a couple shots of me and my quilt in our very short-lived time together!

Me and Matt at the August Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild meeting after we'd exchanged quilts.

Most people didn't swap with the person who was making a quilt for them, but I was lucky enough to be paired up with Matt. He made me this beautiful quilt full of all my favourites: triangles, brightly-coloured solid fabrics, rainbows, and geometric shapes!


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