Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Felt cupcakes as favours

I'd like to share one of my last crafting accomplishments that will happen before the baby is born (that mid-March due date is approaching fast!). Last weekend, we had a birthday party for my daughter and gave out "Make Your Own Cupcake" Kits as favours. Just a week before the party, I found a tutorial for making felt cupcakes by Rachel Meeks of Small Notebook on Alpha Mom and loved the idea. My daughter has been "baking" non-stop and I hope her little friends enjoyed these kits!

The mountain of felt scraps in my workspace after cutting out 32 cupcakes, 32 icing pieces, 32 baking cups and assorted decorations. I spaced out the cutting throughout the week and, surprisingly, my hands never got too sore!

Everything ready to be sorted into goody bags. Each child received 4 cupcakes (lemon, butter pecan (a family favourite), vanilla and chocolate), 4 types of icing (chocolate, purple, vanilla and light pink), 4 baking cups (light blue, hot pink, white and brown), and four decorations (birthday candle, star, heart and first letter of their name).

Cupcake components

The finished product!


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