Monday, September 19, 2011

A Rainbow of Fabric Cards

 Sophie loves a rainbow!

I made a set of fabric cards for my fellow VMQG executive members to celebrate the last meeting of our first year. We had a great time getting the guild going and I wanted to show my appreciation to each of the exec members with a handmade card. I had fun making each card monochromatic so they'd make a rainbow when placed together. I love making these cards, they use up scraps and are fun and easy!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ellie at five months

Eleanor is now five months old and I thought it was time for a couple pictures of my cutie. She's an easy-going, happy baby who adores her big sister. She has tons of hair, drools like crazy, and is about to cut teeth, I'm sure of it! She has found her feet and likes to hold both at once. She has also discovered her tongue and makes the funniest faces!

 Sophia reading to Miss Ellie (recognize the quilt?)

 Eleanor loves her Jolly Jumper

Making faces at her five month photo shoot

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quilting is in my genes

 On our summer trip to my Grandma's cabin, I discovered this antique quilt in our bedroom. My grandmother told me it was made by her great-grandmother (my great-great-great-grandmother, is that right?). It was amazing to touch this quilt that was made by one of my ancestors about 150 years ago (this is a guess, as there was no label. A good reminder to label every quilt!).

The blocks are an arrangement of squares and half-square triangles that I wasn't familiar with, but that reminded me of sailboats. The back is solid white and the binding is mostly white with bits of blue.

I love knowing that my fore mothers were quilters and that I'm carrying on a family tradition. Makes me wonder how long my own quilts will last and who will use them in the future. Will my quilts be draped over my great-grandchildren's knees as they are driven home in their flying cars?


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