Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Felicities - To Boston With Love

I saw Felicity's post just now and was inspired to write about what's making me happy this morning. I'm joining in on her Friday Felicities linky party today (that's a felicity in itself, since I haven't been blogging lately!).

Today marks six weeks since I got a call from Berene Campbell sharing her inspired idea to help the people of Boston with a little project called "To Boston With Love". Since then, the call went out to quilters around the world to make flags of peace and love to send to Amy Friend, who collected the flags and delivered them to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston last week. The grand total of flags installed by Berene (who flew out for the installation and opening), Amy, and the museum staff was an amazing 1756! (and to think there was a point where Berene was stressing out about not having enough flags!)

I contributed one flag to the project, a Canadian flag with a heart in place of the maple leaf. I was excited to spot it in photos posted by the Museum of Fine Arts on their facebook page during installation. I described it to my aunt and cousin who live in Massachusetts, and they found it last weekend when they visited the museum!
 This picture makes me so happy! Hi, Aunt Emmy & Melissa! Love you!

My flag will fly along with its bright and inspiring companions until the exhibit ends on July 7th, 2013. If you're in the Boston area, I encourage you to check it out!

As president of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild, I've been working with the media to share this inspiring story. This past week has been very busy and Berene has been on TV, radio, and in the newspaper! I've been keeping track of all the press coverage on the VMQG facebook page as well as the "To Boston With Love Press" discussion thread in the Flickr group. More coming in the next couple of days, so remember to check back!

What's your felicity today?


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