Monday, May 11, 2009

68. Convince Dean to recycle box of old Peaks.

Ever since university (I graduated in 2000 and Dean in 2002), we've been lugging a cardboard box of student newspapers from apartment to apartment. They've survived four moves and each time I've wondered why we were keeping them. I didn't read The Peak even when I went to SFU, and I only occasionally thought the student-drawn comics were funny. Finally, this March, in a fit of culling, Dean decided he was ready to part with the Peaks. Thank you, Deano for helping me to tick a goal off my 101 Things list!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

93. Train for and participate in the Sun Run.

My dear friend Janet convinced me to join her in the Vancouver Sun Run this year and I am proud to say that we both ran the whole 10 kilometres in one hour and 12 minutes! I started training in mid-January and followed a great program that gradually increased my running segments while decreasing the amount of walking I was doing. I kept to a 3 runs/week schedule and did many runs with Sophie in the jogging stroller at the beach.

Here we are on race day, gathering with the rest of the 55,000 participants:

The crowds were amazing, a sea of people in every direction:

Dean, Sophie, Mom, Dad & Kristi (taking this photo) came to cheer us on at the 5.5km mark:

The 45 second video Kristi took while running alongside of us:

Runners coming over the Burrard St Bridge:

Minutes after completing the run, I think we look pretty darn good!:

4. Make Sophie a skirt using Oliver + S's lazy days skirt pattern.

I'm very excited about this cute skirt I made for Sophie using the free Lazy Days Skirt Pattern by Oliver + S. I found the 70s style ABC trim for $1/3m and couldn't resist! This is the first garment I've made for Sophie and it came together in about three hours. It was so satisfying to make that I've got another one in the works!

Thanks to Soule Mama for the inspiration to do this project. You can see other items people have made using Oliver + S patterns in their Flickr group.


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