Monday, July 4, 2011

Ellie's quilt

Exactly one week before Eleanor was due, I decided that I needed to make my baby a quilt. Prior to this, I had chosen not to make a quilt for my second child, because daughter #1 had received so many special handmade blankets when she was born and we were well-stocked. However, once I reached 39 weeks, it was time to go fabric shopping! I thought I didn't have much time left (I was assuming the baby would come a couple of days early, ha!), so I decided on a simple, strip quilt using colours from Kate Spain's Central Park print. The quilt came together quickly, although pin-basting was a pain!

Basting a quilt at nine-months pregnant is tricky! (note hospital bag ready to go on bed)

I decided to make bias binding for the first time (I used a combination of Whipstitch's continuous bias tape tutorial and the Dread Pirate Rodger's tutorial and it worked out wonderfully!) so I could have rounded corners (I was inspired by Lysa's quilt and used Nettie's tutorial)
Hand-sewing the binding on March 24th (seven days overdue)

Bias binding makes it easy to make curved corners!

I was happy with the results and it's been wonderful to have a Mama-made quilt to wrap my little Ellie in! The bonus is that it matches our lime and charcoal stroller perfectly and I didn't even think about that when planning the colours!

Here are a couple pics of the quilt in use:

Details of Ellie's Quilt
Size: 30x40 inches
Fabric: A mix of Kona cottons (including some Kona flannels and corduroys) and the Zoo print in Lawn from Central Park by Kate Spain for Moda
Quilting: straight lines a presser-foot's width from the seams
Batting: bamboo/cotton blend
Label: none yet! Hmm... better get on that now that I know the baby's name and birth date!


  1. Gorgeous quilt! And cute baby too. :)

    I'm going to have to read those tutorials - I've never made anything with rounded corners and I'd love to. I'm going to need to make a trip out this week and pick up some background fabric for a project I have in mind.

  2. What an adorable pair - your new babe and her sweet quilt! Love big sister pushing the stroller, too.

  3. Yay! Such a cute quilt! And kinda a cute baby too ;)



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