Sunday, July 6, 2014

Twelve years ago today

Holly and Dean with all eight grandparents, July 6th, 2002

Today is our twelfth wedding anniversary and in looking back over our photos, I found this treasure of me and Dean with our grandparents. We were lucky enough to have all eight of our grandparents at our wedding and these four loving couples represented over two hundred years of marriage! When take into account our parents' marriages, which were both close to thirty years old at the time, you can see we were raised with a wonderful heritage of love and partnership. Happy 12th, Deano!


  1. Happy Anniversary....what a beautiful photo!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Holly!
    Wow. Totally amazing example of loving marriages in your family. An incredible foundation on which to build your lives together.

  3. Happy day and congratulations!!

  4. We have a photo of my husband and I with all six grandparents (2 of Leigh's died many years ago) at our wedding 13 years ago. Unfortunately now there are only two still alive. All four of mine have passed away since. However, I'm so thankful we have that photo of such a happy day.



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