Tuesday, July 1, 2014

QuiltCon Registration - check!

Vancouver MQG members Paula, Holly (that's me!), Arita, & Paul in front of our fellow member Diane Thompson's quilt, "A Tribute to B.C. Binning" at QuiltCon 2013

Exactly one week ago, my heart was still racing after an exhilirating QuiltCon registration experience. I had done all I could to prepare, including a last-minute strategy session with my QuiltCon roomie Michelle, watching the "How to Register" video numerous times, and creating a text file full of course codes and member discounts so I could easily cut and paste. I know registration was a stressful situation for many and I want those who didn't get into their first choices to know that there is so much at QuiltCon in addition to the workshops! I took 1.5 days of workshops at QuiltCon 2013 and that was plenty for me, as I had people to meet, inspiring lectures to attend, a quilt show to drool over, vendors to visit, dance parties to go to, etc, etc. 

 Me and Lizzy House with the HST mini quilt top I made in her workshop

This time, I was lucky enough to get into my top choices and I will be taking Patchwork City with Elizabeth Hartman and Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot with Jacquie Gering. Those are two full day workshops on Thursday and Friday respectively, so I'm going to take yoga on Saturday morning to stretch after an intensive period of sewing. I've booked a number of awesome lectures on Saturday and left Sunday mostly free for recovery. I'll also be staying for the leadership conference on Monday because I'm geeky like that.

Registration for the general public opened today and I'd highly recommend the experience if you can make it to Austin, Texas next February!

Oh, and for you QuiltCon newbies, a piece of advice. Expect QuiltCon withdrawal in the weeks after you return home. I had a hard time readjusting to life without QuiltCon, so my eldest (who was nearly six years old at the time) drew me my own quilt show. Love that kid!

Will I see you at QuiltCon in Feburary? What are you most looking forward to? Are you considering entering a quilt in the show?


  1. I'll see you there, I am already looking forward to it.

  2. Great post Holly! Registration opened for us at 1.00 am in Australia - I'd watched the You Tube videos a few times and had my cut-and-paste docs ready too! I'll see you in at the Moda Party, the General Session, the Gee's Bend Keynote and the Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Heather Ross lectures! I'm also going to a Penny Layman workshop and a Gee's Bend workshop. I fly home again late Monday, but am hoping to attend at least the morning of the leadership session - our Brisbane MQG is brand new, so I am looking forward to meeting people and sharing ideas. Cat

  3. I'm in the evening embroidery class by Alison Glass. That's about it. I have slow internet. Very slow internet. I'm looking forward to meeting my IG friends

  4. I look forward to seeing you there!!

  5. What an adorable child.

    Thx for the advice....see u there



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