Thursday, March 29, 2012

I made a banner!

Both of my daughters have had birthdays this week, I still haven't unpacked fully from our Spring Break trip, and I'm generally feeling a little scattered. When I don't know what to do first, I usually pick something low on the priority list. That's why I ended up making a very simple blog banner today. My poor blog hasn't ever had a banner and it's nearly three and a half years old! I used the free font ChunkFive from Font Squirrel, a fun source of free fonts.

What do you do when you feel scattered? Is there one area you tackle so things feel more orderly? Or are you a procrastinator like me?


  1. Pretty similar to you...I tackle a couple of small things so I can feel a sense of accomplishment.

  2. Holly, I like your new banner! Plain and simple, but nice and crisp and bold.

  3. definitely a procrastinator, and then finally I'll start something that wasn't even on the radar! Great banner - simple, bright and bold!

  4. Love the new banner! I choose something quick and satisfying when I am feeling overwhelmed. That, or just mindless internet surfing.

  5. I like it! I bake when I'm stressed. :)



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