Thursday, November 28, 2013

Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks

Hello to all my new followers who found my blog through Blogathon Canada! If you read my profile on the Sew Sisters site, you may have seen that I'm a self-described incurable procrastinator. Case in point: I received this great fabric from fellow British Columbian Barb in July and have only started making her blocks now! Back in the summer, I arranged a private swap with Barb because she's working on a Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt and needed a few extra blocks and I'm still looking for blocks for my Fab Bee neutrals quilt (whoops, just realized I haven't blogged about that one!). 

I received a package of orange, grey and blue fabric and set to neatly cutting it up (after I located a copy of the book through an interlibrary loan! Note to Vancouverites: the Vancouver Public Library now has a copy of this book due to my request for purchase. You're welcome!). I was so proud of myself for neatly organizing all the fabric I'd need for each block into carefully labelled baggies. And there they sat for four months, patiently waiting for me to finish my even-more-overdue Fab Bee blocks and my quilts for the Northwest Quilting Expo.

Now that I've started making the blocks, I don't want to stop! They're just 6.5" unfinished and they're so cute! So far I've made my first snowball block:

And a HST-filled beauty called Whirlpool. I think I must be a slow piecer cause even with the pre-cut fabric, it took me an hour and twenty-five minutes to sew up this block. I had fun doing it!
Added bonus: my rotary cutter and box of pins match the fabric!

One of my first quilts was a sampler that I made at a course at The Cloth Shop in North Vancouver. Have you made a sampler quilt? 


  1. The sampler quilt I made in my Cloth Shop class is my first quilt, too! :) Love your FW blocks, Holly.

  2. Cute wee blocks :o) I have found that the finished size never has any particular bearing on my piecing speed!

  3. no sampler quilt here. Those blocks look great!

  4. Lovely work.Such pretty fabric.



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