Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2013 Finish-a-Long: Quarter 4 Goals

she can quilt

I had such a great time when I joined Leanne of She Can Quilt in the Finish-a-Long last quarter, that I had to make a new list for Quarter 4! However, when I sat down to think about what I really think I can get done this quarter, I realized most of the work hasn't been started yet, so I can't put it on the list. The big example is my Cotton Couture Challenge project which is due on November 18th.

My "project" is still a bundle of beautiful bright solids that look like this (image borrowed from Michelle, since I haven't even photographed my fabric yet):
At this point, I don't know what my plan is, but I think I'll probably make something for my eldest daughter, since I've never made her a quilt.

I have lots of small projects that are priorities, but don't count for the FAL since they haven't been started yet. I'll write them out for myself because I really do want to finish them before the end of the year.

1.Fab Bee nature block for Barb
2.Pac Man block for Chris
3.Farmer’s Wife blocks for Barb
4.Tote bag for VMQG swap
5.Halloween blocks for VMQG
6.Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus tote bag for Super Y
7.Totoro costume for Eleanor 
8.Cotton Couture Challenge project
9.Christmas ornament for parents

Wow! Knowing myself, there's no way I'm going to get this list done! Better not add to much to my official Finish-a-Long list. I need to focus on my small projects so I'll have space to work on other stuff in the new year.

Here's my list of eligible projects to finish in Q4:

Just one quilt! If I get really ambitious, I may finish my Easy Going Modern quilt as a Christmas present. Here's the progress I made back in July 2012 when I took Felicity's fun workshop (mine's the ombre version in blue). A quilt top in one day and it hasn't made it further than that in the past year and a bit. I wonder how many of the quilters in this photo have finished their quilts.

I look forward to seeing what everyone else is working on in the FAL this quarter!


  1. That quilt would make the best present, I sure hope you find time to finish it. I am off to read about your guild's solid challenge, maybe I can figure out how to set one up for my guild too.

  2. Good luck with all on your list, FAL qualifying or not!

  3. I finished my Easy-Going Modern Quilt! But I'm not sure I've seen any of the others at show and tell ... Maybe Diane's? Love your ombre!

  4. Whether they qualify for the FAL, or not, that's a lengthy list and very ambitious. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished "Cotton Couture Challenge" quilt. The fabrics are gorgeous. Why can't you let the pigeon drive the bus? Good luck with the list.

  5. Hi Holly,

    Hi. I’m writing from Sew Sisters Quilt Shop in Toronto.
    I had emailed you last week.
    Do let me know if you received the email – not sure if it landed in your spam folder.

    Looking forward to hearing back.

  6. You can finish really is so rewarding to seeing projects completed.



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