Monday, November 26, 2012

Super Mario quilt block

Super Mario question mark block

I'm happy to share my completed Super Mario block today! It was due way back on Halloween and I've been feeling badly that I've fallen behind in the Fab Bee. Now I'm nearly caught up! Eryn was the queen bee for October and she chose the fun theme of Super Mario. I knew that I wanted to make a pixellated block just like the ones made for Angela of Cut to Pieces' Super Mario quilt a-long. Since I knew I definitely didn't have time for an entire Super Mario quilt at this time, this was a great way to try it out without the commitment! Thanks, Angela, for the easy-to-download layouts for the blocks! If you want to try this block, you can find the grid here.

I decided to make the question block because it was always full of happy surprises like coins, super mushrooms, and fire flowers. Good times! My kind husband took on the onerous task of playing some Super Mario Bros. and grabbing me a screenshot of a question block in action so those of you who aren't familiar with the game can see my inspiration.

Cutting the strips. I used Kona cottons in black, canary yellow and orange. Eryn supplied the blue fabric and I'm not sure exactly what colour it is (it looks similar to Lake on my Kona colour card).
After the rows were pieced. 

I pressed the rows in opposite directions and nested the seams. At the end, I decided to press the seams open to reduce bulk.

The back of the finished block

After cutting and piecing 196 tiny squares, I had the effect I was hoping for. My block finished at about 16"x16". I love it and can see more pixel blocks in my future!

Now I have a few days left to work on my November block for Lysa! I've been good and haven't even let myself open the cute envelope she sent me at the start of November. Can't wait to see the fabric she chose!


  1. There are *gasp* people who aren't familiar with Mario? Your block looks fabulous! I hope to see the finished quilt.

  2. I love how these "grid" kind of blocks come together and go from huge to narrow to square again, but tinier. And how tidy the backs look. It must be a sickness… :-)

    Totally missed the blogathon. I can still catch up, right? Right? lol.

  3. The block looks unbelievably good, and so cool from the back! Also, I wanted to let you know, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award

  4. So, so, so, so Awesome Holly! I can hear the noise it makes when Mario hit's it with his head and all the coins come out! Wait is that right? I never really played the game I just watched Chris play. Either way so awesome! Eryn's one lucky duck!



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