Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ringle and Kerr have a new book coming this fall

Have you heard about "Quilts Made Modern"? Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, who wrote the popular book "The Modern Quilt Workshop" and others about colour theory, have written a new book that's coming out in December 2010. I read a sneak peek post on Week's blog and was happily surprised. I hadn't heard about this book on any of my other quilting blogs, so I thought it might be news to some of my readers. In Week's words:

It’s a big book. It’s 160 pages of quilting A to Z. There are 10 never-before-seen patterns using a wide variety of techniques. In addition to pieced quilts, we show you how to tackle hand applique as well as machine applique. There are designs for solids as well as those for large-scale prints.

I am drawn to the skinny coin quilt on the cover and I look forward to seeing more new quilt patterns from this talented team!


  1. I know what I'm asking for for Christmas!

  2. that looks like a great book! the cover quilt is great - can't wait to see the rest!

  3. Goodness, there are so many great-looking books coming. My Christmas list is filling up fast! Thanks for sharing this news - I love their designs.

  4. I am so ordering this book! Thanks!

  5. Ringle and Kerr were my inspiration to start quilting - I just love their designs!

  6. Hi Holly,
    Thanks for the shout-out. I've finally been given permission to start showing the quilts in the book so I'll be posting 1/wk on Craft Nectar beginning this week!

    I also have to tell you that it was kind of freaky when I read your profile. Mine could be identical and I also have a daughter named Sophie. Hmmmm...But as a 5-foot nothing woman, I ride a Terry. Cheers!



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