Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tripping Hazard

I'm still sore from this escapade, so please don't laugh too hard at me. I squeezed into the kitchen past the open dishwasher door (when opened, our dishwasher prevents the fridge door from being opened and nearly blocks off entry to our tiny kitchen). I started helping Dean with some kitcheny task and then the phone rang. Completely forgetting that the dishwasher door was still blocking my exit from the kitchen, I ran for the phone, tripped over the dishwasher and went down like a gangly tree.

Fortunately, I seem to have hurt the dishwasher more than it hurt me. Our GE Potscrubber's door is nearly off its hinges and we were barely able to get our clean dishes out of it. As for me, I have a small bruise on my arm and some sore muscles. I feel lucky overall and plan to move a little more slowly and deliberately in future.


  1. Dear Holly,
    Please keep getting into minor scrapes because it makes me feel better when I do things like severely burn my hand on my own lunch.


    PS. Is your dishwasher fixable?

  2. OUCH!

    This, and other recent acts of clumsiness within our group, makes me fear for our later years. I see many replaced hips.

    Hope you're ok!

  3. @tsk I don't know if the dishwasher's fixable yet. Haven't had the guts to call up a repairman. Plus, the last repairman we had here (for our dryer, just last week!) had bad B.O. and I'm not looking forward to reliving that experience.



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