Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Memories of QuiltCon"

she can quilt

Back in July, I wrote up my list of Q3 Finish-a-Long goals, with high hopes that I would complete all three of my works in progress by the deadline. I'm happy to report that I have met my goal! Three finishes in three months would already be some kind of record for me, but it ended up being three finishes in just three weeks because you know I like to cut it close to deadline!

"Memories of QuiltCon"

I sent two of my quilts down to the Northwest Quilting Expo in Portland for the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild's special exhibit at the show. Only three VMQG members made the trip to Portland for the show, so we were lucky to get a report back from Portland MQG member, Bill Volckening. His blog post, titled "Northwest Quilting Expo: Vancouver Modern Steals the Show", shares pictures of a number of the VMQG quilts that were on display.

"Memories of QuiltCon" is one of the two quilts I had in the show. It's a 12"x15" mini quilt that I started at Lizzy House's awesome workshop at QuiltCon.

 Me and Lizzy with my finished quilt top on the design wall full of other students' work

 I had to use some of Lizzy's Pearl Bracelet (bought at QuiltCon!) for the back. I followed Laurraine's corner pockets tutorial from her blog, Patchwork Pottery.

Thanks to my good friend Michelle of Eclectic Gnome for this picture of a happy Holly sharing the completed quilt at the September VMQG meeting. The quilts were due that night and were being driven to Portland the next day. Knowing me, are you surprised that I'd started with a quilt top at 10:00am that morning?

I'm really happy with how this quilt turned out and I'm glad that the deadline finally got me to finish it just seven months after I started it in Austin! I love playing with HSTs and solids and I also enjoyed trying out some matchstick quilting for the first time. I think a mini quilt was the perfect way to experiment with this incredibly dense style of quilting!

Post one of three done. I'll be back with more soon!


  1. This is going to be so stunning hanging in your home. It's just beautiful. What a great way to memorialize Quilt Con.

  2. This is such a great little quilt, I love the colours and the hsts!

  3. Seriously cool mini! It rocks my socks. :-) Great use of shape and solids.



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