Monday, August 13, 2012

The best intersection in Bellingham, WA

Holly at the intersection of W Holly St and W Champion St

We just got back from the most amazing weekend in Seattle! I loved participating in the modern quilt guild meet up between the Seattle, Portland and Vancouver MQGs. I'm in the middle of processing my thoughts and photos, but thought I'd share my favourite intersection in Bellingham with you for starters. Have you ever found your name on a street sign?


  1. Love it!!! Did you check out any of the great quilt shops in Bellingham?

  2. can't wait to hear all about the meetup - I bet I'll hear lots on Thursday!
    I often find my last name on street signs, but so far have never seen my first name

  3. FUN! There's a Heather St. in Vancouver, near the hospital. :)



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