Monday, August 27, 2012

Squaaaak! Dinosaur Train pillowcase

Sophia with her souvenirs from Seattle

My five-year-old daughter is a huge dinosaur fan. She knows more species than I do and blithely recites dinosaur names such as Ornitholestes, Dimorphodon, Oryctodromeus, and, her favourite, Parasaurolophus.

Sophia loves the PBS Kids show Dinosaur Train and seems to retain all the palentology facts that Dr. Scott teaches at the end of each episode. (I apologize if you have preschoolers and have the theme song stuck in your head for hours at the mere mention of this program). When I discovered Dinosaur Train fabric by Quilting Treasures at Fourth Corner Quilts in Bellingham, I only hesitated for a moment before showing it to Sophia. Licensed novelty prints are not usually my thing, but when they make your child over the moon happy, you compromise your style. We decided to buy the Pteranodon family flying through the sky print and I told Sophia I'd make her a pillowcase.

We bought the fabric while heading towards Seattle for the meet up and after checking in at the hotel and eating dinner, I left my family to meet with some quilters. Dean reported later that fifteen minutes after I'd left, Sophia was talking about her new Dinosaur Train pillowcase "which Mom probably hasn't made yet". I knew I'd better get on it asap! When we got home, I put off laundry and unpacking and made up the pillowcase as quickly as possible.

Sophia making a dinosaur noise while showing off the newly-finished pillowcase 
(T-Rex T-Rex, her favourite stuffed animal, looks on)

Sophia proudly showed the pillowcase during the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild's show and tell at our August 16th outdoor meeting. (see Sonja's cute photo for an in focus shot.)

As with my owl and yellow & aqua pillowcases, I used Ashley of Film in the Fridge's Pretty Quick Pillowcase tutorial. The pillowcase was put into immediate use and Sophia has declared that she will never need another pillowcase for the rest of her life. My work here is done.


  1. I can't even read those dinosaur names let alone say them! Huge kudos to Sophia. You have found your life's work - no that must be so satisfying. It is a fabulous pillowcase - I love the green piping.

  2. i promise this is my last random comment, but Sophia and her wings make me SO HAPPY! she's so obviously tickled pink, just as she was showing off her pillowcase at the guild meeting! i bet you're the BEST MOM ever right now!

  3. This is about reason 1 million I need to move to Van. You have a modern quilt guild AND you had a meeting outside! That's awesome. (oh well, I'm stuck in Ontario for now.) Also, little girls who like dinosaurs are just so cool, great costume!

  4. Oh my goodness, so cute! My 5-year-old daughter is a Dinosaur Train fan too. And, yes, I do have the theme song going through my head now, but it sure beats the Caillou song...oh drat.



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