Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snail Mail

Does anyone out there still send real letters? If you do, and you live in Canada like me, you should know that Canada Post's rates are going up tomorrow. It will cost 59c to send a letter anywhere in Canada, $1.03 to send a letter to the US, and $1.75 for International letters. Despite the cost, I still love sending the occasional letter and, of course, it's a treat to get real mail in my mailbox!

More info is available on the Canada Post website.


  1. Argh, all my bees are with people in the U.S.! I'd probably still send letters at $1.00 each domestic. I love receiving mail and sending, too. Did you have lots of pen pals when you were young, like me?

  2. Not again! Sigh....and yes, I still love a real letter in the mail and still send out real thank you notes as per our years of training :)



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