Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Montessori child's apron

I used Meg McElwee's Montessori child's apron pattern to make two aprons this fall and I love how they turned out! The pattern is available free at Sew Liberated and it's perfect for the 3-6 year old in your life. This ingenious apron is designed so the child can independently put it on, so handy! The neckband is elasticized and the waist strap has a velcro attachment on one side. What an improvement from the apron we had been using where I had to tie the neck strap and waist strap for my daughter!

Sophie in her apron, making porridge with Grandpa

I made both aprons using Alexander Henry's apples and pears print. Sophie has the brown one (with Kona red on the back) and the blue one (with Kona chartreuse on the back) was a gift to a friend who was turning four. Funnily enough, after I had decided to use that fabric, I noticed that Meg had used the same brown apples and pears print for the pattern photo!

My cooperative model in the blue apron

The pattern was easy to understand and went together smoothly for me. My only problem came with the velcro - I didn't realize there were both adhesive-backed velcro strips and sew-on strips available! You want to use the sew-on velcro for this project. Sewing machines and adhesive-backed velcro are not friends.

Thank you, Meg, for making a great pattern available for free! I hope to make many more in future!

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  1. What a cutie in her adorable apron!

  2. Apron model coaching by D. Broadland and Associates.

  3. I love the photo of Soph with her grandpa! So cute! Those aprons rock!!!

  4. I love the apron! The apple and pear fabric is so cute!

    Happy Fabric Tuesday!

  5. Very cute aprons..I wish I had known about that pattern when I was making some kids aprons for a friend!

  6. That is a great apron, I was noticing the elastic in the first photo and it is genius. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. I have the same apron! Made it myself with Downtown dot on the reverse.



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