Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1st quilt of 2011!

I have to tell you the truth. Although I founded the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild in 2010, I didn't complete a single quilt last year! Between organizing the guild, taking care of a busy preschooler, and fighting the exhaustion of the first trimester, I didn't find the time to finish any quilting projects. Since I'm due in March, I can't see myself getting much quilting time in in 2011 either, so I'm happy to say I used my time wisely in January and finished off a quilt! Here's my first quilt of 2011:

It's a 15"x20" pinwheel doll quilt that will be auctioned off by the amazing Christina of Bamboletta Dolls to raise money for Baby Molly Campbell's medical costs. Molly was born in Victoria on November 23rd, 2010 and at one month of age was diagnosed with leukemia. On Christmas Eve, she and her mom and dad had to leave her four siblings with family and travel here to BC Children's Hospital to start her treatment.

Here's Sophie holding the quilt to give a sense of scale

I first tried pinwheels for Karen's block in the Red & Aqua Bee and really loved them! When I heard about Baby Molly in late December, I knew I wanted to do something to help, and this pink and tangerine pinwheel quilt came together very quickly!

For the back, I had a perfect piece of Heather Bailey's Lindy Leaf left over from when I made Kristi a Barcelona skirt for her birthday. I quilted along the diagonals, using pink thread in one direction and tangerine thread the other way. Some Kona cotton in Cheddar was the perfect frame and I enjoyed hand stitching the binding.

The auction starts on Monday, January 24th and I hope my quilt will find a good home!


  1. That is really beautiful and I'm sure it will bring in some good money for little Molly! (Your daughter looks so cute holding it for you!)

  2. A beautiful quilt for a wonderful cause! Well done. (I didn't finish any quilts bigger than a baby quilt last year either!)

  3. Love pinwheels - great idea and what a wonderful gesture. I hadn't heard about Baby Molly, how frightening for her family. She will get such great care at Children's.

  4. A beautiful quilt for a great cause. What a lovely thing you've done, Holly.

  5. It's so cute! And I love that it matches my skirt :)

  6. Very cool to see the finished work after seeing the pieces at Christmas, Hol. It's beautiful.



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