Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm in Austin, Texas! (day 1, pre-QuiltCon)

After months of anticipation, last-minute frenzied packing, and hours on an airplane with a squirmy toddler (and relatively well-behaved husband and five-year-old), I'm finally in Austin for QuiltCon! We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and met up with my cousin who used to live in Austin (she now lives in London) for a tour of the city.

As soon as we arrived in Austin, the live music capital of the world, we knew there was something special about this place.

After leaving below-freezing temperatures and snow behind in Pennsylvania, warm weather and palm trees were a welcome sight!

Our hotel is very close to the Austin Convention Center and I jumped up and down with glee when I saw this sign for QuiltCon!

We headed over the Congress Bridge for dinner and stopped on the way to see the famous bats. I had read that we were out of luck since it wasn't bat season yet, but apparently some of the bats didn't get the memo. We saw hundreds of bats leaving their homes under the bridge to find their food for the night. If you're in town, you can watch them from a park on the southeast side of the bridge and the bats started their flight at 6:30pm.

Can you see the bats? I know they're blurry, but it was so cool!

Here's a video of our bat viewing. As you can see, Eleanor was impressed!

We enjoyed our first taste of TexMex at Guero's. The novelty of eating outdoors in February did not escape us!

After dinner, our intrepid ice cream lover was determined to try Amy's famous ice cream despite the cooler weather. It was indeed delicious and I hope we get a chance to go back there on one of the warmer days that should be coming soon!


  1. Yay for the early bats! And thank you for this information because I was quite jazzed about this until someone told me it was too early.

  2. Oh Holly! Yay for you, have a wonderful time.

  3. So glad your having a good time! Micheal Miller posted your pic on IG! Yes. I'm stalking QuiltCon on IG :)

  4. Looks fabulous and I want to go to Austin too!!! But how can I complain...we're back in rainy, grey Victoria after all!
    Anyway, so glad you're having such a great time and that you were able to meet up with Polly and Marcia too!



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