Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 3 in Austin - bring on QuiltCon!

Today was simply spectacular and I couldn't possibly capture it in words. It started as I entered the Austin Convention Center for the first day of QuiltCon.

As soon as we entered the quilt show, we posed for a family photo at the Michael Miller photo booth. Thanks for taking this picture, Susan (West Coast Crafty)!

The first quilt we saw at the show was the QuiltCon challenge raffle quilt (pieced and quilted by Elizabeth Hartman with blocks made by MQG members)! Here is Sophia proudly pointing out the block I made.

Other highlights of the day:
- walking the show (amazeballs!)
- free Pearl Bracelet charm pack at the Andover booth
- the Awards ceremony (including TWO honorable mentions for Felicity!)
- learning hand quilting from Anna Maria Horner
- running into all sorts of quilting friends and mentors
- chatting with keeners at the MQG Leaders meet up
- getting kicked out of the atrium for stitching too loudly with a group of rowdy quilters

I can't wait for tomorrow!


  1. what fun! I sure am loving these posts! Yay Felicity!!! that is wonderful news!

  2. I'm watching from here in Vancouver too! Thank you for posting Holly! The secret is out at Quiltcon that Felicity is a star!

  3. It is indeed completely awesome! I'm totally shocked by my HMs. Having an absolutely fab time.



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