Sunday, June 10, 2012

Potholder swap (take two)

See Potholder swap (take one) to hear the tale of my lost potholders.

I am happy to report that I have finally completed the VMQG-FVMQG potholder swap and that my partner has her potholders! I went to the Lions Gate Quilters' Guild show yesterday and brought the potholders along just in case I saw my partner, and, lo and behold, she was the second person I recognized at the show! I was really happy with how this set turned out, but I had no problems giving them away as I had felt bad about the long wait she'd had!

I used the same basic plan as my first set of potholders, but made a few changes like taking out the grey and making the equilateral triangles a bit bigger. I actually like this set better than the first ones, so perhaps it was a good thing that Canada Post lost them? Nope, it wasn't, still sad about that.

Taking out the grey meant that I couldn't use all the extra grey bias binding left over from my first pair of potholders, so I spent a lot of my day at the May 26th Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild sew-in making tons of bias binding in green and blue. Now I've got lots extra for future projects!

I also remembered to put hanging loops in this set!

I'm so happy that these are off my plate and I look forward to working on some other WIPs!

8.5" diameter circles
Kona grass green, cactus, teal, azure, Erin McMorris leaf dot in green and teal
Batting: one layer InsulBrite and one layer cotton/bamboo blend


  1. They're very cute - too bad about the first set but kinda cool that you got to deliver them in person!

  2. Holly, it was so generous of you to persevere and make a second set! Thank you for being a fabulous swap participant who went above and beyond for your partner!

  3. They are just awesome, Holly! I wish I'd had a chance to get to the quilt show, that would have been fun!

  4. That's what I forgot last weekend, the quilt show! These are lovely Holly, now I want to make myself some - why should anyone have ugly potholders?



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