Monday, January 18, 2010

94. Donate to MSF/ Doctors Without Borders

I had been meaning to donate to Doctors Without Borders ever since Sophie and I toured their Refugee Camp in the Heart of the City. I believe that they do good work and they're already on the ground helping the people of Haiti. Their news updates page gives up to date info on the conditions they are facing in Haiti.

I called their busy donor relations line today and made a donation towards the earthquake relief effort. I was happy to know that my donation will be matched by CIDA (and so will yours if you donate before February 12, 2010.

I also just found out that Bamboletta Dolls is running a raffle to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders. They're raffling off two dolls plus assorted doll clothes and I just got myself a $10 ticket. They're already past the $4,500 mark!

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