Sunday, January 4, 2009

Scanning Code of Practice

Today's post is a public service announcement about the Scanning Code of Practice. This is a voluntary code put into place by many large Canadian retailers (mostly grocery stores) that says you're entitled to a free product of up to $10 value if your item scans in wrong. You can read this post about the scanning code of practice on paulyblog for more details.

My personal story about this code has to do with jellybeans. I bought some bulk jellybeans from Safeway last month and the $25.68/100g seemed pricey to me, even for those gourmet beans. The bag came out to around $6 and after checking the posted price with the cashier, I was refunded in full. Woo hoo, free jellybeans!

So, next time you see the sticker at a grocery store indicating that they comply with the Scanning Code of Practice, check your receipt and speak up for free food!


  1. So, does that mean you bought 25g of jellybeans? That doesn't seem like a lot to me, can you translate into a Dean-friendly amount?

    And my follow-up question, since they scanned it wrong, does that mean you could keep going back and getting $9.99 worth of jellybeans, and picking different lineups until you ran out of cashiers? (Or got jellybean poisoning?) I think you may be on to something here... Holly, the Champion of the Jellybean World...

  2. Nice to see that other people are starting to look at their receipts



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