Monday, January 19, 2009

93. Train for and participate in the Sun Run

Progress update on my 101 Things to Do List. Janet has inspired me to start training for the Sun Run this year and we're going to follow an online training schedule so we'll be fit as two fiddles by April 19th.

Today was Day One and I followed the strenuous instructions to the letter. 30 seconds of running followed by 4.5 minutes of walking, repeat seven times. I bundled Sophie up into the jogging stroller (she insisted on wearing her bike helmet) and we braved the patches of snow and soupy fog and dark (by the end of the run, I needed my Indiglo on my watch to read the time). Intrepid joggers, we are!

My plan is to do two runs a week with Sophie and then to meet up with Janet for a weekend run. Hopefully writing this down on my blog will help me stick to my plan!

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