Tuesday, September 25, 2012


On September 15th, I had the joy of attending an all-day quilt retreat with a group of Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild friends. I had been anticipating this day for over a year and I was thrilled to finally be going. I present the video evidence of my excitement:

The view from the community hall.

It was heavenly! The retreat was organized by Krista (Poppyprint) and it took place in a great space in beautiful Lions Bay. The day was full of sewing, chatting, eating delicious food, show and tell, more sewing, more food, and more chatting. There were also door prizes (I won a book!) and candies and fascinating debates about topics such as scones vs biscuits.

Here's the scene in a quick video:

Katie working on her Out to Sea quilt

I had the pleasure of meeting blogging friend Katie (There and Back) who lives a ferry ride away. She'd be a VMQG member in a heartbeat if it weren't for that pesky ferry! She sat next to me and showed me her amazing Winterkist selvedge pouch and rainbow charm square quilt top. I love meeting online friends in real life!

You may be wondering what I accomplished sewing-wise in a 13 hour retreat. The answer is: two blocks. Yup, unlike Janet, who quilted and bound an entire quilt, I completed two bee blocks.

Berene's fabric package included candy!

Churn dash top right, "sprinkles" for Berene's block being cut

The first was a churn dash for Felicity for a mini bee that we're doing to help out with each other's bee quilts. Secondly, I made a colourful and fun 100's & 1000's block (aka Sprinkles) for Berene for the Fab Bee. I go into these sewing days aware that I love to chat and wander around to see what everyone's working on. I know that it impacts my productivity, but I certainly enjoy myself! Here are some photos of people who got a lot done at the retreat:

Janet quilting the charity baby quilt

Elke getting an early start on a Christmas gift

Laurraine hand quilting her Scalloping on the Bias Cafe quilt

I enjoyed every moment of the retreat and will definitely be back! Next step, an overnight retreat! Have you had the pleasure of sewing with your quilting friends?


  1. but I love those blocks you got done! And it was afterall, a retreat you had been waiting a long time to come to - it was a great day of fun and friends.

  2. I had such a fantastic day! Apparently, I also chewed some yellow gum ;-)

  3. I love your video, sitting on the sidewalk and just as excited as I would be. I miss you guys, making a meeting would be all kinds of impossible but I am hoping to help SMQG at my first meeting with them next week!

  4. It was super fun that you were so excited Holly. Thanks for coming and thoroughly enjoying yourself!!

  5. It looks like it was a really fun day!! :D



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