Friday, March 30, 2012

Snail mail

I love sending and receiving snail mail, especially when the card itself is handmade! When I saw this DIY watercolour notecard tutorial on Heather's lovely blog Joy of All Crafts, I knew it would be fun to make! I immediately busted out my daughter's cheapo watercolour set and made this card (next time, I'll use some different colours so it doesn't look exactly like the tutorial!). It's now on its way to Germany to greet my sister who arrives there very shortly. 

Did you have any good mail days this week? We had two birthdays here, so we hit the jackpot when we opened the mailbox on Monday!


  1. Hi Holly! Thanks for stopping by and commenting at my blog. I got a whole bunch of bills this week, and one happy little envelope of fabric :) I'm in Vancouver too! I so want to join the VMQG, but so far never manage to have childcare on the meeting nights. I love your quilts and other crafty endeavors. I will be back soon!

  2. It's SO cute! I LOVE getting snail mail -so fun! :) Keep on sending it!



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