Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bon voyage, Kristi!

My sister sets off on an adventure today (she's on a plane right now!). She'll be living in Germany for a year, absorbing the language and culture and travelling around Europe. She's lived in Vancouver for six years and we see her often, so it'll be strange not to have Kristi dropping by all the time. Thank goodness for Skype! 

Aunt Kristi with her nieces

As a goodbye gift, I made Kristi this passport sleeve. I started with this tutorial from bunnybum and added some improv piecing to make it my own. I was completely inspired by Amy's mini quilts at the February VMQG meeting and I decided to challenge myself and try some improv quilting. It was actually really fun to slice into my work and add extra strips!

I had no clear plan when I started piecing, so it was fun to see the results!

I was relieved to find out that the passport sleeve fits perfectly. I was a bit anxious while finishing the topstitching because all the seams in the pieced section had added a bit of bulk.

I tested the sleeve with my old 1992 passport from when our family took a summer trip to Europe. I thought  it would be a treat for my readers to see my vintage passport!

Now that I've tested the tutorial, I guess I'll have to make myself a passport sleeve for my trip to QuiltCon!


  1. The improv piecing looks great! I always find that improv takes way too much planning, for me anyways. hehe

  2. I totally LOVE how the piecing turned out, Holly! Perfect, perfect.

    Some of my old passport photos are downright horrifying. Mine needs renewing this year, then I'll be all set for QuiltCon too! YAY!

  3. Wait, you're both going to Quilt Con?!?!?!?

  4. Wow I get a whole dedicated post! :) I LOVE the passport sleeve! Glad I saw these photos cause I uh...wasn't using it right. ha I know! It's so cute.

  5. Thanks for this post! My son and his darling are moving to Australia next month! Love the tutorial - great timing.

  6. It looks gorgeous! Love the improv quilting. Well done and thanks for your sweet comment.



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