Tuesday, May 5, 2009

93. Train for and participate in the Sun Run.

My dear friend Janet convinced me to join her in the Vancouver Sun Run this year and I am proud to say that we both ran the whole 10 kilometres in one hour and 12 minutes! I started training in mid-January and followed a great program that gradually increased my running segments while decreasing the amount of walking I was doing. I kept to a 3 runs/week schedule and did many runs with Sophie in the jogging stroller at the beach.

Here we are on race day, gathering with the rest of the 55,000 participants:

The crowds were amazing, a sea of people in every direction:

Dean, Sophie, Mom, Dad & Kristi (taking this photo) came to cheer us on at the 5.5km mark:

The 45 second video Kristi took while running alongside of us:

Runners coming over the Burrard St Bridge:

Minutes after completing the run, I think we look pretty darn good!:


  1. YAY! You guys were awesome!! Nice to see the photos and the video up now!

  2. Nice post, Hol! You were the best running mate ever!



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