Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yoga blooper

I went to a yoga class last night after about a year and a half without yoga. I had really been missing the peace and relaxation that yoga brings me, and I thought going to a class would be a nice way to relieve the stress of the impending holidays.

As soon as I sat on my mat and heard the measured cadence of the instructor's words, I felt like I was home. I did my best to focus on my breath and let any thoughts about my day just slip past. This is very difficult, however, and I continually found myself distracted. Probably the worst yoga faux pas was when I was in the final relaxation pose and I found myself thinking, "I'm enjoying this so much, I'll have to blog about it!" Maybe that means I need to go to more yoga classes in the new year. Or maybe I should write more blog posts?

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