Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Objects in mirror may be dumber than they appear

I have an embarrassing story to relate. And then I have to write another post and tell you a second embarrassing story. Sheesh, this isn't how I expected my blog to look! (note to self: stop doing silly things, at least for a couple days!)

On Tuesday night, I booked a car from CAN (the Cooperative Auto Network) so I could drive to a Vancouver Craft Mafia "Make a Christmas Gift for Someone" night. I turned on the car, but the dashboard didn't light up and neither did the lights indicating which gear you're in. This had happened to me once before when I was driving Janet home at night and I'd driven with the interior light on the whole way.

This time, I called the CAN office to report the problem and told them that no amount of fiddling with the dimmer switch would cause the dashboard to light up. I spoke to a CAN employee for five minutes and he promised to email their mechanic about the problem. Just as I was about to hang up, he asked me, "You've got the headlights on, right?" and I replied, "Of course!" while double-checking. And at this moment I realized I did not have the headlights on and this possible fuse problem was actually a problem between the steering wheel and the driver's seat (link to geeky reference).

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  1. Even if this isn't where you saw your blog going, it is a very relatable site :)

    Loved the wikipedia link.



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